Mattole Wildlands Defense

Mattole Wildlands Defenders carry the torch of over 7 years of non-violent direct action in defense of the Oldgrowth Forests in the headwaters of the NF Mattole River. The Maxxam corporation has bankrupted Pacific Lumber and the future of this land is uncertain. Around 2,000 acres of the oldgrowth forest remains here. To get involved or help call- 707-834-3100. or write: P.O. Box 4803 Arcata, Ca 95521

Monday, May 19, 2008

Awaiting Decision in Pacific Lumber Bankruptcy Case

The closing arguments in the PL bankruptcy case were made this past thursday. The Mattole has been largely left alone by PL in the past few years, first due to thier "watershed analysis" and later to the financial troubles the company faces thanks to the extreme rate of logging mandated by their owner for the last two decades, Charles Hurwitz of the Maxxam corporation. We await news of the judges decision which may be issued at any point now.


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