Mattole Wildlands Defense

Mattole Wildlands Defenders carry the torch of over 7 years of non-violent direct action in defense of the Oldgrowth Forests in the headwaters of the NF Mattole River. The Maxxam corporation has bankrupted Pacific Lumber and the future of this land is uncertain. Around 2,000 acres of the oldgrowth forest remains here. To get involved or help call- 707-834-3100. or write: P.O. Box 4803 Arcata, Ca 95521

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Recent Pics And Account From Mattole Defenders

Part of the mission of Mattole Wildlands Defenders is to engage in restoration actvities in this remote and rugged landscape. Most recently this has meant planting willow stakes to stabalize streambanks at the top of watercourses.

Details: Stakes were cut sparingly from a stand of Willow trees. A nearby collapsing stream bank was planted with the stakes. Willow cuttings can naturally root in moist soil. We will return to the site periodically to check on the results. On the last day of the monitoring trip we discovered a major source of erosion in the headwaters of Sulphur Creek. A steep gully starting at a logging road drainage point is being used by cattle as a trail. Unfortunatly we were out of film when we discovered the erosion. This site will be the next priority for protective restoration.

Old Growth Douglas Fir Forest on the Lower North Fork of the Mattole River.

Year round springs feed numerous streams that run through these ancient groves. Pacific Lumber plans to log this and the other remaining oldgrowth in their holdings here. They are attempting to weaken stream protection regulations in order to accomplish this. Around 2,000 acres of ancient forest remain in PL holdings in this area.

Ancient Forest in Sulpher Creek Headwaters.


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